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Board Of Directors

Board of Directors

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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Tyson Daniel


Mike Mulvihill

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David Derian

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Mike Libratore

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Allen Wright

Leadership Presentation

Leading from the FRONT to CHANGE the FUTURE of Cannabis in Virginia for Virginians.

Executive Team  |  Board of Directors

Our well-rounded leadership team is comprised of established Virginians with varying backgrounds. We've built a team with expertise to lead the charge in crafting a cannabis marketplace in Virginia that puts Virginia business owners and consumers first.

Our leadership focuses on representing the business interests of our membership and effecting positive legislative change within the Commonwealth of Virginia as it relates to a well-regulated and safe adult use cannabis market.

CBAV Board of Directors

Tyson Daniel  |  Mike Libratore  |  David Derian  |  Mike Mulvihill  |  Allen Wright

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