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Column: Virginia must roll back synthetic cannabinoids

Michelle R. Peace | Richmond Times-Dispatch | March 15, 2023

Michelle Peace is a forensic toxicologist and associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth University overseeing VCU’s Laboratory for Forensic Toxicology Research.

"My lab has tested hundreds of these unregulated products, many of which we received from people who had significant adverse effects after consuming them. In addition to identifying unprofessional and poor manufacturing quality of these products, we have regularly found harmful chemicals, mold and particulate matter, including hairs, in these products."

  • "The National Poison Control Center received 2,362 calls regarding unintentional exposures and adverse events from delta-8-THC in 13 months. Of those, 41% of victims were under the age of 18, and most of those were unintentional exposures."

  • "In Virginia, the Blue Ridge Poison Center at UVA Health recorded a fivefold increase in calls for adverse reactions to delta-8-THC. Last year, a 4-year-old died after consuming delta-8 THC gummies."

  • "The differences between CBD, delta-9-THC, cannabinoids such as delta-8-THC that are natural but also synthesized, and cannabinoids that are entirely synthetic, are very confusing. Retail outlets selling unregulated products could be providing advice on dosing and effects that are contradictory to other retailers and to what is known scientifically."

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