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Crime Commission Split on Drugged Driving Measures

Updated: Jan 11

From VPM News | December 5, 2022


"Driving under the influence of marijuana has received special attention as lawmakers attempt to iron out statewide legalization of the drug.

It’s illegal to drive while high in Virginia and is punishable with fines, up to a year in prison and, driver’s license revocation.

Commission staff provided 10 policy options, including repealing the prohibition on searches based on the odor of marijuana, setting a legal limit of 3 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood while driving and allowing for roadside saliva tests to detect recent drug use.

Del. Les Adams (R-Martinsville) said before the vote that he’s concerned about a recent state-conducted survey that showed Virginians don’t perceive pot to be as dangerous as alcohol."

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