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This Week in Virginia Cannabis Industry News, August 1, 2022

What Will Virginia’s Retail Cannabis Market Look Like?

This article takes a look at how things have transpired in the cannabis industry in New York state so far, and offers both observations and cautionary tales as Virginia looks to begin their retail cannabis landscape.

It’s Maryland Versus Virginia In A Race To Adult-Use Cannabis

This analysis from Law360 is behind a pay wall, but there is a free seven day trial you can sign up for if you’re interested in reading more about two neighboring states in a race to start their retail cannabis markets.

States look to regulate weed alternatives like delta-8 as sales explode

NPR breaks down some of the recent legislative debates over Delta-8 and pulls many recent examples and quotes from the Virginia-based situation (including comments from CannaBizVA members).

Jushi Holdings to Open 3rd Virginia Cannabis Store

And while we continue to fight for the rights of the recreational cannabis market in Virginia, medical marijuana facilities are plowing full speed ahead as Jushi opens its third VA store and 34th overall.

Have Your Medical Marijuana Questions Answered

And just a reminder that on August 3rd there is a free webinar regarding medical marijuana from the Association of Cannabinoid Specialists (ACS) and the Americans for Safe Access who are presenting a patient-focused, evidence-based educational forum to provide guidance to patients and health care professionals.

They will have four distinguished experts who will be presenting and responding to questions in their own specific breakout sessions:

  1. Pain Management, with Julia Arnsten, MD

  2. Mental Health, with Jordan Tishler, MD

  3. Pediatrics, with Bonni Goldstein, MD

  4. Neurodegenerative Diseases, with Suraj Tandon, MD


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