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This Week in Virginia Cannabis Industry News, May 8, 2022

Armored car company settles suit over $1M pot sale seizures

The cannabis industry deals with a significant amount of legal and financial hurdles while simply trying to operate a legitimate industry in those states that have made it illegal. Harassment from law enforcement is a frustrating addition to these issues.

Licensed marijuana sales in 2021 eclipsed coffee giant Starbucks

As we mentioned above, our industry is poised to be a massive contributor to our national economy (if they’d just let us).

6 Reasons to Start Planning for Federal Cannabis Regulation Now

We’d love if this happened sooner than later, but it’s still important to prepare.

Colorado’s Nepra Foods Introduces Hemp-Based Meat

Plant-based proteins continue to explode in the food industry, and hemp-based alternates offer products with wonderful health benefits and a ton of versatility.

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