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This Week in Virginia Cannabis Industry News, October 31, 2022

Virginia's Adult-Use Market: The Big Unknown

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"In Virginia’s case, the General Assembly does not reconvene until January 2023. The earliest industry regulations could take effect would be July 1, 2023—unless House Republicans find an incentive to expedite that process with an emergency clause. But an expedited process would require a supermajority, and those votes don’t exist." READ MORE

Biden Marijuana Pardons Free Zero Federal Prisoners

On October 24, 2022 Reason Magazine published an article entitled "Biden's Marijuana Pardons Did Not Free a Single Federal Prisoner or Deliver the Expungement He Promised" that explored the results of the early October announcement by the Biden Administration with respect to a review and potential revision of federal cannabis policy in the United States. READ MORE

Could Pot Be Decriminalized Before Biden Leaves Office?

President Biden’s surprise marijuana reform announcement last week has mostly gotten attention for pardoning thousands convicted of simple possession of marijuana, a move that many observers have called a small step towards criminal justice reform. But it’s the mostly overlooked second part of Biden’s announcement — a directive to reevaluate pot’s federal status as a Schedule I drug — that has the potential to change the future of American cannabis policy. READ MORE

Descheduling Marijuana Is Not Enough - Is There a Case for Nullifying the Controlled Substance Act, Altogether?

An editorial piece examining the Controlled Substance Act as a whole and the idea of nullifying the entire set of regulations.

5 Finance Basics For Cannabis Business Owners

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"With preparation and the right tools, you can easily position your cannabis business for success and avoid rookie business mistakes. If you’re looking to get started in the cannabis business, read on to learn the five basics you’ll need to know before opening your doors." READ MORE

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