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This Week in Virginia Cannabis News, April 10, 2022

U.S. House of Representatives Approves Medical Marijuana Research Act

This is bipartisan legislation that would allow researchers to access cannabis from state-legal dispensaries for their studies. The bill ultimately aims to make it easier for researchers to apply for approval to study cannabis by ensuring an adequate supply and establishing deadlines for federal agencies to consider applications, according to Forbes.

Pepsi’s Hemp-Infused Energy Drink Will Cause Sailors And Marines To Test Positive For Drugs, Navy College Claims

As more edibles and infused drinks hit the mainstream market, issues like this are going to need to be addressed for the military, athletics, and employment in general.

NCAA Moves To Lower Marijuana Penalties For Student Athletes And Increase THC Threshold In Drug Tests

And here’s an example of what we just discussed in the previous article.

Feeding Cows Hemp Helps Them Chill Out, Federally Funded Study Finds

Cows just wanna chill too!

Reflecting on Ten Years in the CBD Industry

“The founders of Charlotte’s Web met Charlotte Figi, the company’s namesake, in 2012 and have since witnessed explosive growth in the industry. Now, they’re looking ahead at what’s to come for the company and industry as a whole.”

Cannabis Financing: 2021 Year in Review

Experts from Viridian Capital Advisors and SLB Capital Advisors paint a picture of the past year in cannabis, and what’s next.

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