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This Week in Virginia Cannabis News, February 13, 2022

A quick roundup of some of the latest news for the Virginia cannabis industry and beyond for the week of February 13, 2022 …

Advocates warn of weed ‘oligopoly’ as Virginia looks to speed up sales

Situations like those discussed in this article are at the foundation of what CannaBizVA aims to prevent. Our members and advocates are hard at work on this topic as we speak. Please continue to educate yourself on the situation as well as contacting your elected officials to do the same.

U.S. House advances marijuana banking bill, though final passage uncertain

Banking continues to be a huge challenge for the industry, and here’s hoping this is at least a step in the right direction.

Limited-license marijuana markets hamper diversity and equity, study says

It is a strong desire of CannaBizVA to champion social equity in the cannabis industry in Virginia through our lobbying and networking efforts. Limited-license marijuana markets have not helped this cause in other states, and we have hopes that Virginia will not embark on this same path.

New website aims to help doctors talk with patients about cannabis

While this is based out of Oregon, it is still encouraging to see the stigma lifting within our medical communities, especially for veterans who have been unable to discuss cannabis treatments with their doctors.

The Virginia Minority Cannabis Coalition launches a BootCamp program

Virginia Minority Cannabis Coalition Executive Director Paul McLean discusses the program with

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