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This Week in Virginia Cannabis News, February 6, 2022

A quick roundup of some of the latest news for the Virginia cannabis industry and beyond …

Virginia Coalition Opposes Establishment of Marijuana Marketplace

The group “Smart Approaches to Marijuana” has expressed their opposition to “any effort to create a regulatory framework for commercial sales.”

King George Looks Into Banning Retail Sales of Marijuana by 2024

As counties decide how they want to approach the cannabis industry, educating communities on a local level will be vital to its overall success.

Marijuana is still illegal to sell in Va., but that’s not stopping retailers (including a senator)

Inaccurate labeling is an issue our industry needs to work hard to eradicate.

USDA Teams Up With Cornell University For Hemp Education Webinar Series

The topic of indoor growing is the next webinar in this series and it takes place this Wednesday (2/9).

Top Maryland Lawmaker Files Marijuana Legalization Bill In Anticipation Of Ballot Referendum Passing

Our neighbors to the north may be the next state to legalize.

New medical cannabis dispensary opens in Lynchburg

“We are a Virginia medical canonized company. We serve medical patients who are registered with the board of pharmacy and Commonwealth of Virginia,” said Shanna Berry, RISE Strategic Leader, Virginia Market.

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