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This Week in Virginia Cannabis News, July 11, 2022

Hemp industry pushes back on Virginia’s delta-8 crackdown

CannabizVA Lobbyist Dylan Bishop is featured in this article, as well as board member Kerry McCormick. “To say that that change of policy was a product of the legislative process and the recently enacted budget is a bit disingenuous,” Bishop said. McCormick adds, “I’m about 45 minutes from the Tennessee border, about 15 of my jobs are about to get outsourced to Tennessee. That’s going to be on this committee.”

We would like to express our continued gratitude to ALL of the members of CannabizVA. It’s your support that allows us to deal with issues like these and help educate both the public and our legislators. Thank you for being a part of CannabizVA!

Changes to Virginia marijuana laws you need to know

A recap of some of the new regulations that went into effect in Virginia at the beginning of the month.

Hemp, CBD set to get permanent legal status in North Carolina

The History of Cannabis Regulation

For those interested in a history lesson on cannabis regulation, this provides an informative read.

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