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This Week in Virginia Cannabis News, July 4, 2022

Virginia regulators say not so fast to synthetic THC

Last month the General Assembly appeared ready to legitimize products like Delta-8, and then issued a press release the night before the laws took effect warning retailers that it still considers Delta-8 and “other intoxicating synthetic cannabinoids to be illegal food adulterants.” Our own lobbyist, Dylan Bishop, was quoted as well citing it as, ““somewhat of a head scratcher.”

Virginia laws about weed and related products change again

CannabizVA co-founder and member Tyson Daniel was featured in this article to discuss the continued efforts of our organization as well as the Virginia Cannabis Lawyers to keep Delta-8 legal within the Commonwealth.

Delta 8 is Federally Legal: Banning at the State Level Tees Up a Game of Whac-a-Mole

This article discusses the recent developments of AK Futures LLC vs. Boyd Street Distro, LLC and how it relates to the 2018 Farm Bill text.

The Great Delta-8 Debate: Many Shades of Grey?

This article continues the Delta-8 discussion and how it impacts on a state level vs. the federal regulations and the continued issues of the grey areas involved.

Will a looming recession sink the cannabis industry, or will it stay afloat?

As our economy continues toward a recession, there is much speculation about how it will impact our industry. Different states will likely see different impacts and it will be up to organizations like ours to keep our members informed of the trends.

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