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This Week in Virginia Cannabis News, June 13, 2022

D.C. City Council Approves Bill to Prohibit Employers From Firing Workers for Failed Cannabis Tests

Employer rules in regards to cannabis absolutely need to continue to evolve and improve, and we consider this a step in the right direction …

White House Interns, Past Marijuana Use Could Affect Your Chance For a Job

… And then there’s disappointing news like this that swings in the other direction.

New Details On Congressional Marijuana Omnibus Bill Emerge As Lawmakers Work For 60 Senate Votes

Article exerpt:

In addition to the banking and expungements proposals that made waves when discussed publicly at a conference on Thursday by two key House lawmakers, there are also talks about attaching language from other standalone bills dealing with issues such as veterans’ medical cannabis access, research expansion, marijuana industry access to Small Business Administration (SBA) programs and broader drug sentencing reform.”

Thailand Legalizes Cannabis Cultivation and Trade

Groundbreaking legislation for Southeast Asia, though the Thai Health Minister stresses, ““We [have always] emphasized using cannabis extractions and raw materials for medical purposes and for health. There has never once been a moment that we would think about advocating people to use cannabis in terms of recreation — or use it in a way that it could irritate others.”

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