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This Week in Virginia Cannabis News, June 19, 2022

Colorado to Create Task Force to Regulate Hemp-Derived Products Like Delta-8

Developments out west in regards to Delta-8 and other hemp-derived products that are worth keeping an eye on for future discussions and potential regulations here.

Congress Pushes Marijuana Protections For Immigrants, Advertisers And Banks In Spending Bills

Freeing up marijuana-related advertising and providing the industry with access to the banking system are two huge points of discussion that would be great advancements for the industry.

Cannabis Farmers Unable to Access USDA Disaster Aid

Another great example as to why there needs to be federal attention given to cannabis and the industries that support it.

How Sustainability is Driving the Hemp Building Industry in Europe and the U.S.

Hemp has so many amazing possibilities, and hempcrete provides a pathway to sustainably building our future.

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