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This Week in Virginia Cannabis News, June 5, 2022

Virginia lawmakers OK sales of synthetic THC products

This development was part of the state budget that was passed last week, and you can read our breakdown of the various impacts that budget has on the cannabis industry.

CannabizVA’s own Dylan Bishop is quoted within the article as well, saying “It adequately addresses the legitimate public safety concern over irresponsibly packaged and labeled products without unfairly disadvantaging Virginia’s farmers, retailers and small businesses.”

Federal Appeals Court Rules Delta-8 THC Is Legal Under 2018 Farm Bill: What Does That Mean for Your Business?

This recent ruling was a huge win for the Delta-8 industry, but there does still remain some level of gray area and interpretation. Shawn Hauser, partner at Vicente Sederberg and co-chair of the firm’s Hemp and Cannabinoids Department weighs in …

“Hauser added that while businesses that produce and sell delta-8 products may rely on this ruling to support the federal legality of these products, it is important to note that to be fully federally legal, a product must also comply with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act, and the 9th Circuit’s ruling does not address this issue.

That means those who choose to produce and sell delta-8 products are still operating under the risk of FD&C Act enforcement and the potential for different interpretations of the legality of delta-8, Hauser said.

“This will give them some comfort, at least from the derivative perspective, [that] the delta-8 ingredient … is legal under the Farm Bill, and it’s the legality of the finished products under [FD&C Act] and state law that may be more difficult for folks to justify legality on,” she added.”

State Financial Regulators Tell Congress To Pass Marijuana Banking Protections In Manufacturing Bill

We welcome news like this in hopes that the government will finally do something to reform banking within our industry.

In Suit Against Kern County, Apothio Alleges Illegitimate Investigation ‘Tips’ By Disgruntled Vendor, Fish and Wildlife Misrepresentation of FBI Findings, Sheriff Blow-Up at Government Meeting

This is an interesting case to follow because it explores the danger of uninformed, reckless, or disgruntled government officials being allowed to impact businesses and farmers within the industry.

5 Things Growers Learned Their First Year of Cultivation

With many entering cultivation for the first time, this is an interesting read of what other first-time growers learned from their experience.

Is Cannabis Now Winning the Fight Against Cervical Cancer?

Obviously it is still too early to accurately state some of the health benefits on cannabis in the fight against cancer, but promising news like this continues to surface and provides a lot of hope for future treatment and research.

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