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This Week in Virginia Cannabis News, March 14, 2022

Lawmakers Rush as General Assembly Session Draws to a Close

“It would be very difficult to find products that would meet these definitions.” – Dylan Bishop, CannaBizVA

The passing of SB591 includes language the creates regulations in Virginia for hemp-extracted cannabinoids that is stronger than the federal government regulations. Even the sale of certain CBD products, including salves or balms not intended for consumption, could be impacted. Our hope now in fixing this is thru the veto process.

New York Regulators Unanimously Advance Rule To Let People With Marijuana Convictions Open Shop Before Big Businesses Can Enter Market

Meanwhile in New York, a much different path is being taken.

Brightseed discovers compounds in waste hemp hulls that could help fight fatty liver disease

Encouraging news from the health industry regarding hemp’s ability to help prevent cancer in some individuals.

Tennessee to Welcome Buds & Brews, Cannabis Bar and Restaurant

Unfortunately, establishments like these being opened in Virginia are not happening any time soon, but it’s something that will eventually be part of our cannabis industry and economy.

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