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This Week in Virginia Cannabis News, March 28, 2022

Youngkin calls General Assembly back April 4 for a special session

While tax cuts is the agenda being pushed in Youngkin’s TV ads for this special session, we are hopeful that a meaningful discussion of adjusting SB591 can be included as well.

Breaking News: Cresco Labs and Columbia Care Merge….David vs Goliath story in the making

A petition has been started in response to the announced merger that results in a Cresco Labs ownership stake of 50% in the Virginia Board of Pharmacy cannabis program.

As stated in the petition, “The sad news is that our Virginia lawmakers do not realize the impact that this bill will have on the small businesses and the repercussions of allowing these national cannabis conglomerates to dominate the farming of a plant and the free market of its sale in the Commonwealth.”

Here’s a more in-depth story on the merger itself

Ask an Attorney: Can CBDA and CBGA Be Marketed as a COVID Treatment?

Short answer? “Not Yet” … But there’s hope for the future.

Is the Ukrainian War Causing Weed Prices to Skyrocket Across Europe?

Important to note here as well that industrial hemp prices and supply could be significantly impacted by this situation as well.

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