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This Week In Virginia Cannabis News, March 6, 2022

Virginia lawmakers cracking down on cannabis compound Delta-8 due to safety concerns

This is one of the bills awaiting final disposition (SB591), and has become a hot topic of late.

SB591 was introduced as a 3-page bill seeking to ban the sale of cannabis gummies in the shapes of fruit, animals, or people, as a means of deterring children from mistakenly ingesting them. We supported this version of the bill whole-heartedly. However, the bill’s patron switched the 3-page bill out with a 39-page substitute, which sought to (1) change the definition of marijuana from not > 0.3 delta-9 THC to 0.3 total THC, and (2) cap the THC in hemp-derived products to 0.25 mg/dose and 1mg/package. In short, the substitute language would regulate hemp products more stringently than the Federal government and cripple the industry.

This week we’ve been in the Speaker’s office multiple times and have worked tirelessly with members of the House Republican Caucus (“HRC”) to rectify this substitute’s statutory overreach. CannaBizVA was able to get the HRC to put the brakes on the bill and pass it by until we could get the language right.

Drug Policy Alliance Leads 50+ Organizations in Calling on Congress to Finally Remove D.C. Marijuana Rider

“The organization says this is a momentous opportunity to untie the hands of D.C. policymakers and allow the district to tap into the economic, public health and public safety benefits of legalization eight years after D.C. voters passed Initiative 71.”

Biden Anti-Cannabis Stock Policy Revealed in New Uncovering

“Under expanded employee conduct guidelines, the White House discourages those seeking security clearances from investing in cannabis companies.”

We certainly find this news troublesome and counterproductive.

Ohio Bill Would Add Autism as Qualifying Medical Cannabis Condition

Positive news from Ohio as legislations intends to expand on the 25 qualifying conditions already in place.

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