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This Week in Virginia Cannabis News, May 15, 2022

Virginia Beach Police educating community on current marijuana law after complaints about cannabis pop-up shops

With much of Virginia’s laws, plans, and regulations still in limbo it is important for those within the industry in Virginia to understand that many things are still illegal and carry a significant amount of risk.

3 charged with illegal sale, distribution of marijuana at 2 Virginia Beach pop-up shops

This is the incident that relates to the previous article about police educating the community.

Feds Funding Research On Role Of Cannabis In Treating Cancer

This is very promising news and we hope it creates positive results!

Delta 8 remains a legal, albeit unregulated cannabis market in Virginia

Delta 8 sales continue to remain legal in Virginia, but the entire situation is in desperate need for more standards and education. That is one of the things we continue to work toward at CannabizVA.

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