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This Week in Virginia Cannabis News, May 29, 2022

US House of Representatives Again Passes Marijuana Reform Bill

Article excerpt …

“The bill would expunge the record of those convicted of certain marijuana-related offenses, and reduce sentences for others. Through a tax on sales, it would also fund services in communities most impacted by prohibition and provide support for a more diverse and inclusive market.

Bans at the state level would not be changed, though the MORE Act sends a powerful signal about the importance of building on the wave of state-level reforms that have resulted in 18 states allowing legal access to marijuana for adult use in recent years.”

Safe Cannabis is the Key to Federally Legal Cannabis – Why the Industry Needs More Stringent Testing

We also agree that transparency and product accuracy are vital to cannabis becoming more respected both in this country and worldwide.

Leafreport Study Unveils Lack of Purity and Potency Testing by CBD Brands

And this speaks exactly to that issue.

North Carolina Senate Introduces Legislation to Permanently Remove Hemp From Controlled Substances List

If the measure does not pass before the state’s pilot program expires June 30, hemp will be outlawed in North Carolina.

Reimagining weed: what if cannabis was treated like wine?

An interesting exploration into what the landscape may look like if the cannabis industry was looked at and regulated like the wine industry.

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